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Keno Online lottery – Simple & Fun to play

There are several classic gambling games that automatically evoke images of the casino. One of them is the venerable slot machine, and another is the wheel of fortune. These two are sometimes combined into one game, or at least, the wheel of fortune serves as a bonus game for the slot. However, the absolute classic has to be keno, the game that inspired a million lotteries. If you’ve just read that sentence and asked yourself, “What is keno?” online casinos have the perfect way to explain it. Alternatively, you can always read our explanation, then try out this classic game for yourself.

Archaeological evidence shows that lottery keno has existed for thousands of years. Indeed, a version was played in ancient China to raise funds for the completion of the Great Wall. With a history like that, it’s hardly surprising that it’s still one of the most popular casino games and the source of many great fortunes. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a look at what exactly constitutes a keno lottery, and how you can turn it to your advantage and win.

How do online keno lotteries work?

Despite the long history and the seemingly complex gameplay and strategies at times, this is a relatively simple game, actually. Your typical casino keno game starts off with choosing numbers on a board, just like in regular national lotteries. You can choose between 1 and 20 numbers on an 80-number board, and once the game starts, you wait for your numbers to be hit. The payout is based on the number of numbers you have chosen, so if you choose 10 numbers and hit 5, the payout will be different from what you’d get if you choose 5 numbers and hit 5.

Free Keno Games

Free keno games you find on the internet tend to be somewhat limited in their potential, in that you can usually only play one card at a time, and the numbers are chosen purely by a random number generator. Nevertheless, that’s one of the more common forms nowadays, although traditionally, in live games, the numbers are chosen using a rabbit-ears blower, just like you see on TV (see, keno is almost exactly the same as the national lottery!).

If you’re playing online keno for real money, you can buy more than one card at a time, so you don’t have to worry about filling out a new card every time you start a new game. This means that you can bet less, and win more. But how does the card work?

What is a keno card?

So keno is old, ancient, and great fun. But how do you play it? And what are keno cards? That part, at least, you have definitely seen before, in places such as your local corner shop, where they sell national lottery tickets or other gambling games.

Just like in the national lottery, you can buy more than one card if you have decided to play keno online, and, just like in the national lottery, you can generally choose your own numbers. The card has a grid with 80 numbers, and your task is to choose between 1 and 20 of those 80 numbers. Of course, choosing more numbers means that you have more of a chance at hitting, but you have to weigh that up against the lowered payout rate on internet keno.

Sometimes, instead of the standard paytable, you can also choose to bet on whether the numbers will be chosen in the first or last part of the grid, or on which race will come through, or any other wager that the house can think of. The pay tables for different online casinos do vary, though, as do the range and number of bets that they offer, so make sure you become acquainted with the keno casino site rules before you start playing.

Choosing 20 numbers on a keno card is, of course, the best way to maximize your chances of getting a payout, and the payout itself is quite impressive. However, while we love the idea of getting the big win, we have to be reasonable. Mathematically speaking, it is almost impossible to get all 20 numbers on a keno ticket. In fact, your chances are smaller than 1 in 3.5 quintillions. That’s 35 with 17 zeroes after it. But don’t worry, as there are strategies that can show you how to win keno draws.

Free keno games online

Free Keno Games Online

Working out how to play this fun game is definitely the start, though. When you get going, first off, you can try out a game that appeals to you without paying for it, just to get your eye in. Free online keno is available at many online casinos and elsewhere on the internet, although be aware that casinos that run Playtech software may not let you play their games for free.

Even so, there are many Flash versions of the game, or you can try out a casino that runs Net Entertainment software. Their internet keno game is without a doubt one of the best to be found online, so it’s worth giving it a go without paying before you get started. Alternatively, try out another free version, and you can see if your numbers are picked.

Best keno casino sites

As we say, the sheer fact that online keno games have been around in one shape or another for so long is enough of a reason to make them some of the most popular games at any casino. So it’s really a case of picking and choosing which game looks like it’ll pay out the most. Since each house offers different payout odds on different games, it’s worthwhile having a look around and seeing what the different offers are. The best keno game sites will of course offer massive payouts on a 5-number draw (arguably one of the best options, although a 2- or 3-number draw is also good for small, incremental gains).

But whatever you might decide to do, remember to check out how to play this game by looking around for free keno online offers. Once you’ve done that, it’s a quick step to getting winning. Regardless of your previous preferences when it comes to gambling, and no matter if you prefer to play at a land-based or an online casino, keno gambling is exciting, thrilling, and when you hit, you hit big!